Poster Presentation Schedule

Concurrent poster presentation session 1
Moderator: Dr. Wilson Leung & Dr. Katherine Yau
(5 mins each: 3 mins presentation & 2 mins Q&A)
Topic: Older People Care 11:00 - 12:10
1. P105 Ms Wong Man Ki The effects of the cardiopulmonary resuscitation training program using electronic-learning approach versus conventional approach on knowledge, skill and satisfaction on learning mode for nursing assistants in the nursing homes
2. C104 Mr Sun XiHui Meta-analysis of the influence of virtual reality technology on negative emotion and self-care ability of stroke patients
3. O112 Ms Chin Hui Lin The Voice 4 Eu” – Enhancing Independent Use Of Health Application Amongst Elderly, through A Prototype Innovation Of Voice-Command.
4. P110 Ms Fan DaYing A cohort study on recurrence factors of ischemic stroke in western China
5. C114 Dr Poon Wai-Kwong Theoretical thro Practical to Tactical -- Bed Bath on Delivery
6. O122 Ms 徐文韶 Comparison of the frailty,life and health satisfaction levels among elderly between two regions of Guangdong Province: a cross-sectional study
7. C116 Ms Mao Weiwei Effects of intervention mode based on Omaha theory on anxiety, depression and sleep quality of elderly patients with chronic diseases.
8. C125 Ms 于德宁 Development of rehabilitation equipment for elderly knee joint surgery based on lower limb muscle training
9. P102 Dr Leung Wilson Kin Chung Do Our Seniors Still Lag Behind in the Computer Age? A Qualitative Study for Facilitators and Barriers to Use of Mobile Health Apps among Older Adults
10. P101 Dr Leung Wilson Kin Chung Effects of Traditional Chinese Qigong on depressive symptoms in older women: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial
11. P109 Dr. Leung Doris YP Relationships of caregiver burden with unmet supportive needs in cancer patients and their caregivers
12. P104 Ms Lo Mei Wa The effects of an integrated exercise and cardiovascular health education programme on community-dwelling older adults at risk of atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases: a pilot randomised controlled trial
Concurrent poster presentation session 1
Topic: Renal care 12:15 – 13:00
13. P107 Dr Chan Kitty Designing a Flipped Classroom Approach in Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis Training for Chronic Kidney Disease Patients: Protocol
14. O124 Dr Ng Marques Shek Nam Perception of Hope in Chinese Patients on Peritoneal Dialysis: A Thematic Analysis
15. P116 Ms ZHANG Linyuan A Feasibility Study to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Traditional Chinese Medicine Approaches for the Symptom Management of Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease
16. P117 Ms Wu Wing Ting The relationships between treatment compliance and anxiety of hemodialysis patients
17. C117 Ms Wang Yu A Bibliometric Review on Intradialytic Hypotension Based on CiteSpace Software and WoS Database
18. C120 Prof LAM Ching Diagnostic accuracy of SCreening for Occult REnal Disease (SCORED) for chronic kidney disease: a preliminary analysis of high-risk Chinese adults in the community
19. C126 Mrs Peng Ruijie English title: Research progress on the application of ""Internet +"" in the continuous care of peritoneal dialysis patients"
20. P103 Ms Choi Vincy Health seeking behaviors among women with urinary incontinence in community settings: A scoping review
Concurrent Poster presentation 2
Moderator: Dr. Jenny Tsang & Dr. Leonia Lau
Topic: EBP (PM), Mental health 14:30 - 15:40
21. --- Professor Chow Ka Ming Development of an evidence-based home-based cardiac rehabilitation programme for patients treated with percutaneous coronary interventions for coronary artery disease
22. C118 Ms Boman Robyn Artificial intelligence for the indication of rheumatoid vasculitis observed on ultrasound imaging
23. P113 Ms Lam Chau Lan Virtual visiting in the adult intensive care unit: A scoping review
24. C105 Ms Yang ZHI Effectiveness of compassion training in promoting self-compassion and other-compassion among health care providers: A systematic review and meta-analysis
25. O111 Ms Wu Li Summary of the best evidence for non-drug prevention and management of venous thromboembolism in patients with hemorrhagic stroke
26. C107 Ms Cai Jiumei Best Evidence Summary for Target Temperature Management of Patients in Stroke
27. C111 Ms Long Bingjie Neonatal pain response variable set: results from a expert panel recommendations and Delphi survey
28. P112 Ms Zhang Qianxing Research Progress in the application of continuous blood glucose monitoring in critically ill patients
29. P114 Ms Wong On Na Anna Sensitivity and Specificity of Point-of-Care testing methods for determining the SARS-CoV-2 cases in the community
30. C112 Ms Kwok Tiffany Testing the usability of an app-based intervention to promote physical activity in cancer survivors
31. O117 Dr Fiorini Jacopo Specialized nurse-led care of chronic wounds during hospitalization and post-discharge: an evidence-based clinical pathway.
32. O119 Mr Chan Wai Lam Derek Management of cancer-related fatigue: A systematic review of recommendations from clinical practice guidelines
33. O123 Ms Chen Weilin Experiences and perceptions of end-of-life communication in Chinese hospital settings from the perspectives of patients with advanced illness, their families and healthcare providers: A qualitative study
34. C119 Dr Chow Elaine Understanding happiness in workplace: from employers’ and employees’ perspectives
35. C121 Ms Chan Sheung Yiu Association of hope, resilience and social support with symptom severity and quality of life in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy: a cross-sectional study
36. O101 Dr. Wong Eliza Is a mobile support intervention can enhance more exercise amount for adult at risk of coronary heart disease – A randomized controlled trial?
Concurrent Poster presentation 3
Moderator: Dr. Peggy Chow & Dr. Elaine Chow
Technology-enhanced education for health care professionals 16:10 – 17:10
37. P108 Dr Wong Sze Wing Julia A pilot study of implementing a stress management and resilience training (SMART) programme in nursing undergraduates: Quasi-experimental approach
38. O103 Ms Wang Yousha Correlation between growth mindset, research self-efficacy and research ability of postgraduate nursing students: A cross-sectional study
39. O104 Ms Wang Yousha Status and influencing factors of undergraduate midwifery students' core competencies: A cross sectional study
40. P106 Ms Wei Jiangnan Clinical teaching preferences for undergraduate midwifery students: a discrete choice experiment
41. O113 Ms Luo Lu-wen Hospital-acquired pathogens and their influencing factors in ICU patients of new hospitals
42. C115 Ms Song Jia Investigation and analysis of diabetes nursing level and training needs of non-specialist nurses in secondary hospitals under the background of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment: A Cross-Sectional Questionnaire Survey
43. C122 Ms Yang Yan The application and prospect of ' research-based, teaching-promoted research ' in nursing teaching
44. O127 Ms Tang MaoTing Quality of Life among Chinese Child Survivors of Heart Failure after Discharge from PICU